Jiaxing Senior High School

(BC Offshore Program)

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Principal:Seamus O’Ryan
Grade Level:10-12

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Registration and Enrollment
Each year the BC program at Jiaxing Senior High School selects only the most competitive candidates chosen based on their provincial middle school examinations, a rigorous and locally developed English Language proficiency test, and interview results. Entrance examinations and selection begin in early May.

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University Admission
Our program boasts an unprecedented 100% grade 12 graduation rate and our exceptional students are admitted to the top-ranked universities world-wide. We pride ourselves on placing students at the schools of their dreams where they continue to flourish academically.
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Students' Events
In the BC offshore program, we strive to develop the whole child. Emphasis is placed on academics, but students are also provided a great variety of opportunities to participate in sports, leadership, and the arts. Through these extracurricular activities, students discover personal passions and develop essential for future success.

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Career Opportunities
Are you a certified teacher in BC Canada? Are you seeking opportunities to work overseas? Come and join our team!

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Staff Team
Our staff team is supportive, committed and highly professional and our consistent history of teaching excellence stems from teachers and administrators who have been with the Jiaxing Senior High School BC offshore program for over 5 years.

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Our Principal

Welcome to Jiaxing Senior High School BC’s 2023-2024 school year. We have an exciting year ahead of us and it is my honour to continue to share this journey with you as we all grow from being strong to becoming stronger, wise to becoming wiser and from being successful to excelling.

You have made a good choice to either join us or stay with us here. We are a school that it is easy to take pride in. We have an excellent record of success in our students, both personally and academically. Our students have always excelled and will always do so in the future. We continue to have a well-developed extra-curricular system leading to many options for leadership and engagement, and our curricular options and organization allow students to showcase their strengths without affecting their core academic needs. We are by any measure a strong school.

Yet schools are like learning itself; the project of improvement is never complete. Yes, we are a strong school, but it is our objective to become even stronger every year. Thus this year everything is expanding, there are more extra-curricular activities, more course options, school programs like speak up are enhanced, more learning supports are available, and individual goals and feedback options are more available. We do not believe in just being good, we, like you as individuals, share the commitment to always strive to be a better version of ourselves.

This constant self-improvement is an integral part of Jiaxing BCOS. Even though we are already a great school, we will always strive to be even better. We expect this in you as parents, students and staff, and we expect this in ourselves. Are you ready to join us this year and see how far we can all grow together?

Seamus O’Ryan


Clarissa Shuqin Wang

University of Toronto 
Life Science

Doris Yuxuan Li

University of Toronto
Environmental Science

Harvey Jiaxing Huang

University of British Columbia

Emma Yuyao Bu

Western University 
Organization and Management Studies

Sherry Ziyun Wang

University of British Columbia 
Faculty of Science

Nick Binhan Ye

University of Alberta
Mechanical Engineering

Mia Yirui Gan

University of British Columbia
Faculty of Arts

Celia Qianjie Zhang

Queens University
Faculty of Science (Honours)

Emily Yueqi Wang

McMaster University
Humanities Faculty

Tim Haotian Ni

Concordia University
John Molson School of Business

Jenny Zezhuang Yan

Carleton University
Environmental Science

Justin Jiayuan Sun

University of British Columbia
Computer Science

Rayn Xiaotian Wu

University of Auckland
Business Faculty

Daniel Zhixiang Qi

Mount Allison University

About us

Jiaxing Senior High School was established in 1997 in Jiaxing, China. The British Columbia Program was established in 2012 and has a grown steadily every year  to   become   one   of  the   most  respected  international   programs  in   the   Zhejiang Province

The Jiaxing British Columbia Offshore School offers a Canadian government-authorized program for grades 10-12, and is approved by Jiaxing local education authorities. The school began in 2012 and was granted Government Certification in March of 2013.

Our aim is to cultivate in students a broad vision of the world and understanding of multi-culturalism; strong learning skills and attitudes, including collaboration and teamwork; and social awareness and responsibility. Most of our students attend universities in Canada and abroad and our program develops them into successful students who can succeed in a foreign post-secondary setting. We emphasize language proficiency, critical thinking and knowledge in both the Arts and Sciences, which will lay a solid foundation for our students’ future.

We welcome students of Jiaxing and all areas of Zhejiang Province and China to join our B.C. School to develop language skills and learn about Canada, western culture, and the world!

At Jiaxing Senior High School’s BC offshore program, students are taught by highly trained BC certified Canadian teachers in a fully English immersion environment. Emphasis is placed on skill development and confidence building so that students may apply what they’ve learned practically and creatively in a variety of real-world situations. Examples of courses taught include English language arts, Social Studies, Math, Calculus, Science, Physics,   Chemistry,   Biology,   Economics,   Marketing,   IT,   Fine   Arts,   Drama,   Physical Education and Mandarin.

The school is inspected annually by the British Columbia Ministry of Education to assure that we are meeting the requirements of a BC school.  Should a student complete the 3- year Graduation Program they will receive a Dogwood Certificate (Grade 12 Diploma) recognized by universities world-wide. Upon graduation, students may also receive a Chinese High School diploma from their additional Chinese curriculum courses such as Chinese History, Politics, and Geography.

Jiaxing  Senior  High  BCOS  offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities including athletics concert band, choir, dance club, French club, student union, and various other clubs such as robotics club and Model United Nations. As a part of a BC offshore athletics league, we offer competitive teams in each of basketball,  soccer,  ultimate frisbee, badminton, running, and table tennis. We also encourage students to contribute to their community through volunteer efforts and campaigns to raise awareness such as the Terry Fox run for cancer research.


The classic song “The Sound of Life” – 2023 English Song Contest

The classic song “The Sound of Life” – 2023 English Song Contest

作者:G12 曹亦默 Nemo 翻译:G12 何怡然 Niki On December 20th, 2023, the Jiaxing British Columbia Offshore School held its English Song Contest, featuring a diverse group of contestants who presented a celebration of music. Here, we reflect on the performances that rocked the...

BCOS Art Auction

BCOS Art Auction

作者:G10姚溢 Yolanda,G10罗媛媛 Amy G12 许越Martina Welcome to the BCOS Fine Arts Auction! Principal Mr. O'Ryan started the event by introducing the process and rules of the event in a humorous tone. Students were divided into ten groups, and each group was given $15 in virtual...

Frisbee – a sport that requires extreme pulls

Frisbee – a sport that requires extreme pulls

高一(十三)班 王普霖 Wendell 罗媛媛Amy 翻译:高三(十三)班 许越 Martina On Wednesday, November 15, Jiaxing Senior High School held an exciting Frisbee competition as scheduled. Although the weather was already a little cold, the students' enthusiasm was not extinguished by the wind. The...


341 Hongyin Road, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, PRC

School Hours

Mon – Fri  07:30-15:30


(0573) 82713734


Monday, August 31

First Day of Classes

Friday, November 1

End of BCOS Term 1

Friday, November 1

End of BCOS Term 1

Friday, January 10

End of BCOS Term 2

Friday, April 3

End of BCOS Term 3

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