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Jiaxing Senior High School was established in 1997 in Jiaxing, China. The British Columbia Program was established in 2012 and has a grown steadily every year to become one of the most respected international programs in the Zhejiang Province

The Jiaxing British Columbia Offshore School offers a Canadian government-authorized program for grades 10-12, and is approved by Jiaxing local education authorities. The school began in 2012 and was granted Government Certification in March of 2013.

Our aim is to cultivate in students a broad vision of the world and understanding of multi-culturalism; strong learning skills and attitudes, including collaboration and teamwork; and social awareness and responsibility. Most of our students attend universities in Canada and abroad and our program develops them into successful students who can succeed in a foreign post-secondary setting. We emphasize language proficiency, critical thinking and knowledge in both the Arts and Sciences, which will lay a solid foundation for our students’ future.


what do we teach 

At Jiaxing Senior High School’s BC offshore program, students are taught by highly trained BC certified Canadian teachers in a fully English immersion environment. Emphasis is placed on skill development and confidence building so that students may apply what they’ve learned practically and creatively in a variety of real-world situations. Examples of courses taught include English language arts, Social Studies, Math, Calculus, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Marketing, IT, Fine Arts, Drama, Physical Education and Mandarin.

The school is inspected annually by the British Columbia Ministry of Education to assure that we are meeting the requirements of a BC school.  Should a student complete the 3- year Graduation Program they will receive a Dogwood Certificate (Grade 12 Diploma) recognized by universities worldwide. Upon graduation, students may also receive a Chinese High School diploma from their additional Chinese curriculum courses such as Chinese History, Politics, and Geography.


Various after-class activities to participate

Jiaxing  Senior  High  BCOS  offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities including athletics concert band, choir, dance club, French club, student union, and various other clubs such as robotics club and Model United Nations. As a part of a BC offshore athletics league, we offer competitive teams in each of basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, badminton, running, and table tennis. We also encourage students to contribute to their community through volunteer efforts and campaigns to raise awareness such as the Terry Fox run for cancer research.

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