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In 2020, 100% of CINEC grade 12 students graduated with a BC Dogwood Diploma, with 76% receiving offers from top 70 universities around the world, including 995 offers from universities in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. In total, CINEC graduates received over $2,500,000 in scholarships this year!


– 校长 Ron Berg

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“Now, as you all move forward, hold your heads up high, take risks, continue pursuing your passions, both academically and otherwise. You all have a bright road ahead of you. It might not always be easy, but keep at it, it’s worth it. ”

–  Principal

Q&A for Outstanding Graduates: University Guide

Q&A for Outstanding Graduates: University Guide

by Jim, Jane, Jennifer in Grade 11 and Jewel in Grade 12 The outbreak of the novel Coronavirus epidemic in 2020 has spread all over the world. Facing uncertainty due to border restrictions, many parents and students feel unsure about the future. To better understand...

The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Will Be

The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Will Be

by Silvia (Grade 12) “No one’s luck comes from nothing. Only when you work hard enough can you be lucky enough. The world will live up to every effort and persistence. Time will not neglect everyone who is persistent and brave!” As time flies, grade 12 students...

Greeting from Edmonton, Alberta

Greeting from Edmonton, Alberta

Hi, Jiaxing on the other side of the world, How are you guys doing? Half of this semester has already gone away, and I believe you guys are receiving your Term 1 report cards. How was it? I’m also having a busy time getting my mid-terms back and preparing for the...

2019 Graduate University Admissions

2019 Graduate University Admissions

Jiaxing Senior High School graduating classes are embarking on a new adventure in education and experience. With record numbers in scholarships for most schools, and offers galore, our students are able to select their top choice. Students were able to collectively...

Katie Chen – Arts & Science – McGill University

Katie Chen – Arts & Science – McGill University

I am Katie Chen. I have been a student at Jiaxing Senior High BCOS and now am an Arts & Science freshman student at McGill University. It is a complete change from high school to university, not only about studying but also life…

Letters of alumnus



– 校长 Ron Berg




作为加拿大BC省的海外课程项目,我校BC课程达到了加拿大BC省的课程设置要求。每年, BC省教育部都有相关专家莅临督导,保证我们的各项操作都达到BC省海外学校的标准。学生修读完三年课程后,将会获得加拿大的高中毕业证书。该证书受全球大学认可。






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