On December 22, 2021. A cold wind was blowing, but life was in full swing in at Jiaxing BCOS. Students walked around with colourful foam boards in their hands. The annual science fair was exhibited smoothly after all the students’ careful preparations.  

The science fair provides every student with an opportunity to do some independent research using scientific methods. Teachers divided each group into two members, and after two months of research study, the result of every student’s research would be displayed at the science fair exhibition at the school. To welcome the science fair day, every student in the school all tried their best to make some preparations. Beautiful science fair boards were set upright on the tables, like valuable products on a shelf, all bright and colorful. Every beautiful display board were the culmination of the hard work and wisdom of all the students and teachers.

This year, students had a wide variety of topics in the science fair, and they were interesting and novel. Some studied mosquitoes and found out the best insect repellant successfully. Some also used methods to make acidic oranges sweet. Some also researched the effects of fear on people while trying to find the right way to fight fear. Someone even also researched priminol, which is used to detect residual blood in criminal cases.         

From the topics that are unexpected but closely related to our daily life, several outstanding works stood out. Ray and Peter from grade 10 earned a first place out win out of all the grade 10 students with their research on the acoustic insulation capacity of different acoustic insulation materials. The winners from grade 11 were Cindy and Joan, and they researched the growth situation of green algae and black algae and concluded that they have a good growth trend under the influence of different PH and salinity.  Smith and Vic, and Vincent and Annika from grade 12 came out on top together. They researched the topic of the typing speeds of 9 and 26 keys and the effect of PH to biological photovoltaic current intensity respectively. 

Science fairs motivate the interests of studying science for each student. It cultivates each students’ hands on abilities and increases their knowledge. Everyone’s fancy idea sparks and constructs the bridge to wisdom. This science fair brought a lot of surprises, and we are looking forward to students reaching new heights next year.