June 1st, 2022, during a different kind of children’s day, an annual classic activity of Spelling Bee and Pie on face was held at Jiaxing BCOS.  

In the afternoon, the three grades gathered in the dancing room, ready for the Spelling Bee. The dictation of our spelling words were given by an English teacher: Mr. Ormsby. This activity let the students from grade 10 understand what is meant by “descending blow”. These words were Canadian listening and reading words for grade six to eight. In China, it might be the vocabulary level of college four or six. With the several intense competitions, Smith from grade 12 went all the way to win the championship.   

After a brief warm-up at the Spelling Bee, in the second half of the period, the Pie in the Face activity began. Two weeks ago, the students voted for the teachers who they wanted to pie. Today, each foreign teacher selected a “lucky student” to pie them. We watched as Mr. Wynnychuk squeezed the foam on the plate and the pie on the face event officially started. The first foreign teacher, Mr. Ormsby, drew Ariana from grade 10. She smiled and gently snapped the plate on Ormsby’s face. When he removed the plate, a thick layer of white foam had accumulated on his face. The funniest teacher was Mr. Hughes, who drew Jerry from grade 12. When Jerry took the plate and prepared to take revenge, Mr. Hughes said “don’t forgot your cell phone is still in my office”. The whole school laughed and Mr. Hughes was instantly pied to death. But the most popular person in the school is the Principal O’Ryan, most of the students wanted to pie him. After this activity, the foreign teachers mingled with the students, which reflects the harmonious relationship between teachers and students at Jiaxing BCOS.

This activity ended at 2:00 pm, for students from grade 10, that day was of a different kind than a typical Children’s Day. For students from grade 11, it was a happy activity to pave the way for their last month of school before their grade 12 life. Then for students from grade 12, it was a nice way to cap off their high school career with a fun interaction with their foreign teachers.