No one can know the future. From the past we know that there will be many challenges and difficulties ahead in it.  There will also be opportunities and rewards to find. We can never fully know when and where or even what life events will occur. However we can take good guesses and we most certainly can prepare ourselves to face the future and all the unknowns it contains. High school is a critical part of the preparation for your life.

There are many lessons to be learned here, both academic and personal. High school is a critical time, where the foundation of life is built. High school is also, however, not just a time for preparation but a place to test how to live, as it is also a part of life itself. Overall, it is a period of life where you learn many things that stay with you for your life’s journey and a time where you will build many of the memories and ideas that help define who you are.

While high school is an important time, it is also a time where you are not alone. Jiaxing BCOS will be there for you. We will help you study so you can gain the knowledge you need. We will be there when you succeed as well as when you need more help to succeed. We will be there when you are making the transition to our school and the transition to your life after high school. We will be there to help you understand and be there when you need to question your understanding. We are not just a school but a community of learners. We know this is an important part of life and we will be there for you on each of the steps you take. Welcome to Jiaxing BCOS


Seamus O’Ryan

Principal Jiaxing BCOS