By G10 Nemo and Grade 12 Austin 

Music can infiltrate our minds, and please our ears. Music, can shock us, with a heavenly melody. The annual singing competition at Jiaxing BCOS has returned again, with singers using songs of youth to move our emotions, and put us in awe. From the beginning, the exuberant host Fiona instantly lifted the mood.    

In this competition, singers all performed very well. Across the competitive spectrum in the afternoon, Joan from grade 11, and Joy and Peter from grade 10 overcame all their obstacles and used their beautiful and spectacular tones to conquer the audience and the 5 judges made up of Chinese and Canadian teachers. Eventually, they decided on the first, second and third places in the competition. 

The first singers who came up bravely were Christina and George from grade 11, bringing the elegant song Love Story to us. These two singers used soft and ethereal voices to explain how love is fearless and can not only transcend hate, but can even transcend life and death. Subsequently, a singer from grade 10, Oscar, brought us the song On My Own, which was about people who cannot love their own sadness. Oscar sang with enthusiasm. Afterwards, a singer called Peter from grade 10 came out, singing Speak Softly Love for us and using his ethereal voice to narrate the irony of fate, facing the loss of relatives one by one. Then, Nick and Benedict from grade 10 performed the song Lovely for us. These two students used bright and penetrating voices to illustrate the regret of being condemned to a life of loneliness for being afraid to love.  

The winner of the singing competition from last year, Joy from grade 12, sang Roar loudly, using her penetrating voice, high pitch, and consummate singing skills to illustrate a stormy life, lighting up the eyes of the audience. However, the winner of the competition, Joan from grade 11, sang last in the competition. She sang Someone You Loved and used her beautiful voice to sing of the departure of a loved one. Tears poured down as if there was a downpour. This song illustrated the departure of a loved one, giving us the feeling of grief and loneliness that we cannot fix when it stays in our heart. But the whole song does not express one’s feeling directly, instead it develops like a poem and builds a picture in a delicate way.     

This competition fully shows the talent of the students at Jiaxing BCOS. It is an opportunity for the youth to bloom; youth performances were displayed, and it is also a chance for these students to be honoured by applause and cheers.