This year, as we begin a new school year, we are faced with a rapidly changing world. It is not the same place it was twenty, ten or even five years ago. There are new professions arising and several of the old ones are changing in their relevance. Predicting what the future may look like or even the path to take forward is something that is becoming increasingly difficult to do. 

However, there are something’s that can be held in constant, and some choices that can be made that are reliable. One of these is the increasing need for students to acquire the skills to take advantages of the changes, to be able to look at the world in flux as a great opportunity ,not as something to fear and finally to learn how to learn and not just learn. 

It is our objective at Jiaxing BCOS to provide a space where students receive a quality education with all our traditions of excellence and innovation, as well as a place that they can grow and nurture their ambitions and dreams. We also want to help them become good citizens of the future world in which we will all dwell. We believe that school is a place that requires a holistic frame of mind and that all aspects; be they academic, social, personal or cultural, need to be nourished.  

We have an excellent English immersion in our Speak Up program that encourages all students to develop their English Skills. We offer a wide range of interest based Inquiry courses for the students to follow their individual passions without a reduction in their other academic subjects. This year we are organizing even more events and activities for the students, to help them develop their skills and interests, as well as to give leadership and other opportunities to them. We are embracing the BC curriculums core competencies of communication, thinking and personal/social responsibility to help the students develop their sense of citizenship and personal growth. Finally we are continuing to develop the integration of technology in all of our practice as it is important that students can use it responsibly and effectively. 

We do have some new staff this year. Mr Apale will join us as our math teacher and Mr Ormsby will join us as our socials teacher. We are looking forward to the wealth of knowledge and experience that they will bring to the program. 

The world maybe a changing place, but choosing to receive a quality holistic education is a decision that is a sound one. We will continue the tradition of excellence and success as we always have. Our teachers are professional, committed to their job and care highly for the students. At Jiaxing, the students and the staff are proud of our school, and that pride is well justified.