by Silvia (Grade 12)

“No one’s luck comes from nothing. Only when you work hard enough can you be lucky enough. The world will live up to every effort and persistence. Time will not neglect everyone who is persistent and brave!”

As time flies, grade 12 students embarked on the application season. The phrase called “application season” was not unfamiliar. In fact, it was the crossroads of destiny, the beginning of struggling years, the experience of anxiety and joy, and the prelude to writing brilliant youth.

It is no doubt that applying for university was a great challenge for grade 12 students. In order to apply to universities, they must do a great amount of preparation. The most basic one was improving language skills. Compared to the scores on previous transcript, which are the stepping stone to apply for university, the English language score was the key to for applying university. Since we have to communicate, we must take it seriously. In this case, we provided several tips for the students who are preparing the application in the future: Elaine said: “turning to study abroad, the thing that I most worried about was language. When we go to university, English is everywhere. Therefore, we should all seize the time before graduation to communicate with foreign teachers and improve our English ability.”

While all grade 12 students were preparing materials for their application, they still needed to take into account their daily academic study. All the universities regarded the average marks in grade 12 as the most important requirements. In order to prove students’ strength and apply for dream school’s favorite major, for the sake of future and glory, they have been rushing to dream from September till now, striving to seize the chance of pulling points, even if there was only a trace, and never give up. The average score of all five courses should be at least 90%, including English 12. To know that this course was equivalent to mandarin of the native students in Canada, which was hard for the grade 12 students whose English was the second language to get high scores. They must spare no effort to understand the vague points during the class, do all homework carefully, and try to get a satisfactory high score as often as possible.

The harder you work, the luckier you are. In the series of applying for university, the grade 12 students finally ushered in a happy ending. When the notice of the conditional offers from dream school lighted up from screens, all the hardships and hesitations disappeared. 

Olivia mentioned that: “as the last year of senior high school came to an end, most of the students had received all the replies from their favorite universities. Looking back on my own college application process, I spent most of my time promoting the application process and paying close attention to the trends, so I learned a lot. I started to apply early. In my senior year, I had the intention to study in Britain. As soon as I confirmed my idea, I immediately contacted the relevant agent and started the university application process. During this period, I both felt nervous and happy, since I had to follow every notice from the University, to check my application status. Generally, I would like to say that although it is time to graduate, all of us still should continue working, and everyone who works hard for the dream can get the due return.”

Until May 16, 2020, 41 grade 12 students in Jiaxing BCOS who applied for the universities have received more than 250 conditional offers, and 35 of them received offers from top 100 universities among Canada, Britain, Australia and New Zealand, such as University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, University of Sydney and so on. In addition, the scholarship was amount of as well: A total of 225,500 Canadian dollars, about 1,159,000 yuan.

Time will not be let down, all of us should try our best to be a lovely person. Without envy, without blame, only enjoy scenery on the way and meet luck.