In retrospect, all the things in the past three years at Jiaxing Senior High School went on as I wished, and I am taking the Mathematics Honours program in the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo now. Well, most of the achievements are derived from my family, my high school, and of course myself. Talking about my high school, this community not only helped me master competitive academic knowledge but also develop beneficial learning and living habits, which are essential for my current university learning.

BCOS helped me develop competitive academic knowledge, and this helped me to be enrolled in my dream university and to be prepared at this university. All the teachers were patient and enthusiastic to teach us so that I was able to achieve ideal grades and be accepted by basically all the universities that I had applied to. Moreover, the academic knowledge that I had learned in high school is fundamental and vital for university learning. An example could be the course Calculus 12. I am also taking Calculus now, so people may think it will be easy to take the similar course again in university. However, I would say I would likely not be passing if I had not taken Calculus 12 in high school. Hence, I appreciate that I studied in BCOS because it built my basis of knowledge for university. Furthermore, BCOS trained me to be more independent both in learning and living. Specifically, group projects, such as the Physics projects, have trained me to develop the ability of innovation and the skill of communication with teammates. Indeed, innovation helps me apply some particular knowledge that I have learnt in class to solve other problems from real life or from other subjects; for instance, I used calculus ideas for Computer Science in my first year of study.

To conclude, taking the BCOS program is definitely a wise choice since both the academic knowledge and the learning skills that I gained from this program helped me to succeed in university learning.